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Zombie Boy is without a doubt the most popular artist of the “Modern Primitives” scene. And now he is starting his musical success together with Mike Riggs.
Never before has anyone of the worldwide tattoo scene reached Top Model and Hollywood status. Zombie Boy plays a leading role in Lady Gaga’s video “Born This Way” and he is a top model for fashion shows in Paris and New York. He plays in the new Hollywood blockbuster 47 Ronin alongside Keanu Reeves and he is a cover model for Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, Details, VMagazine, Rolling Stone Magazine and many more…

And now Zombie Boy presents his music project with Mike Riggs and has two brand new songs, both by the name of “Wildstyle”!

Mike Riggs is one of THE heavy metal guitarists. His guitar work for Rob Zombie made him world famous and it was a logical idea to call him when Zombie Boy was looking for a partner for his new music project.

His career started when he was 19 years old with his band Demiltry in Austin, Texas. The band only released one album and that was a 4 track demo named “Artist of Misery”. In the band “Skrew” one of his colleagues was Danny Lohner, later best known for being Nine Inch Nails’ guitarist. After “Skrew” Mike joined “Prong”, with who he released the album “Rude Awakening” and went on tour together.

One day he was at a WWF Event and met Rob Zombie (Ex-White Zombie) who was looking for a guitarist. The rest is history…

Mike Riggs is known for playing a see through guitar, filled with fake blood, which he sometimes pours on himself, drinks or spits into the audience.

THE perfect partner for Zombie Boy and a perfect contribution for “Wildstyle & Tattoo Music”!

Zombie Boy feat. Riggs

Zombie Boy feat. Riggs


Zombie Boy feat. Riggs - Wildstyle

Haunting inside ...

Open your swollen eyes (defy to see straight)
Hell awaits all of your lies (forseen is your fate)
Oh no no (something inside)
Oh no no (haunting inside)

Wildstyle - Monster inside - Wildstyle

Crawling from darkness (on splinter hands and knees)
Reap what you want (sew as you please)
Oh no no (something inside)
Oh no no (haunting inside)

Wildstyle - Monster inside - Wildstyle
Wildstyle - Monster inside - Wildstyle

(something inside , monster inside , haunting inside, monster inside)
Crawling from darkness on splinter hands and knees
Reap what you want, sew as you please ...


Wildstyle - Monster inside - Wildstyle
Wildstyle - Monster inside - This monster inside of me.