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Long live Rock n' Roll

Jochen Auer is one of the biggest ski talents in Austria in his youth. But already at the age of 12 he discovers his love for rock & metal – Quiet Riot, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Saxon and Austria’s Wolfgang Ambros are his first heroes.

In 1988 his skiing career ends pretty quickly. Metallica are in Munich for their “And Justice For All Tour”. Auer wants to take a break from his training in the Tyrol in order to watch Metallica live. The plan does not work and he has to decide either Metallica live or stay in the skiing team. The decision was quickly made – METALLICA LIVE ARE AN UNBEATABLE EXPERIENCE. From that day on he knows that his life belongs to show business.

Without money but all the more nerve Jochen Auer starts his life in show business in 1991 at the age of 19. He founds his first company and starts to organize shows on his own risk in his home town of Bad Ischl. Opus, Holy Moses, Belphegor, Fear Factory, Pungent Stench and many other rock & metal shows. But the journey soon takes off into another direction.

With his “old” friend Stefan Hattinger he opens his 1st cafe at the beginning of the 90s – the rock cafe “Underground” in Wels. One year later it’s the rock disco “Soundgarden” in Linz. Together the two local heroes of the Austrian metal scene organize shows with Biohazard, Slayer, Machine Head, Paradise Lost and many others. At the 1st Underground Festival in 1995 with Biohazard, Dog Eat Dog etc. Jochen Auer has the idea for the 1st Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe – Austria’s first tattoo convention. This idea will change Jochen’s life.

In November 1995 at noon the doors to the first Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe open and something, that nobody has thought to be possible, happens. 12.000 people storm the Messehalle in Wels on this weekend in November. This is the start of an unbelievable 8-year-long tour with over 1,2 million visitors . In 2003 Jochen decides to take a break from it.

In these 8 years of touring Jochen experiences all the ups and downs of the show business. Massive tax problems force him to come back to his hometown of Bad Ischl after living in tax exiles like Campione and other places. This is where he starts his next career in 2001. When founding Stage Culinarium he has one goal from the beginning on – to lead the market in terms of Star, Artist and Crew Catering. The goal is reached in 2003 and since then he has been catering between 300 and 400 shows every year in all of Europe. Stage Culinarium has been catering huge acts like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pink, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Prodigy, KISS, Iron Maiden, Guns n´Roses, Rob Zombie, Whitesnake and thousands of others.

In 2010 – Stage Culinarium is still on top but Jochen Auer decides to bring back his baby – the Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe. For the 15 year anniversary he starts the “Reunion of the Original Tour” in Vienna and takes it on the road. The production reaches a size that does not have to hide behind any international show productions. A touring party of approx. 400 (!) people travels from city to city – with the goal to make the world more colourful and more tolerant.

Auer creates the motto of Wildstyle: “Festival Of Tolerance”.

In April 2013 the idea to produce a “Wildstyle Music CD” is born. And just like in 1995 nobody gives this idea a chance. The more people doubt it, the more Jochen wants to do it and NOW about 1 year later, it is ready:

The idea has turned into a 3 CD box with 33 songs with stars and bands from all over the world. 23 songs of it were written and recorded especially for the Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe.

Jochen Auer’s life is in no way the norm – nor are his projects. The unique always has to be up front – THIS IS THE LAW!

Jochen Auer
Jochen Auer
Jochen Auer