Doro Pesch

Wildstyle All Stars

Tracii Guns League of Gentleman

Zombie Boy vs the world feat. Riggs

Santos AC feat. The Mexican Vampire Woman

Grave Digger



Blind Petition

Electric Sweat & Rob Holliday

Virgin Helena

Scott Foster Harris

V8 Wankers


Black Mariah

Rokko Ramirez

The Upper-Class Bastards


Domino Blue & Tom Blue

Drumatical Theatre

Eva Lumbre feat. Oswald Navarro


Stephan Weidner

Jochen Auer



Doro's exclusive Wildstyle-Anthem
"Wildstyle's Tattooed Angels"
Incl. Zombie Boy & Mexican Vampire Woman

"Wildstyle" by V8 Wankers

"Wildstyle" by Domino Blue


Wildstyle & Tattoo Music - Cover Front
Wildstyle & Tattoo Music - Cover Back

With 23 exclusive Wildstyle songs:
DORO ✯ Wildstyle All Stars feat. Richard Fortus (Guns N' Roses/The Dead Daisies), Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake/Thin Lizzy/Black Star Riders), Steve Saluto, Tim McCarver, Danny Bullman ✯ Tracii Guns' League of Gentlemen ✯ Zombie Boy feat. Riggs (Rob Zombie/Prong) ✯ Santos AC feat. The Mexican Vampire Woman ✯ Grave Digger ✯ Destruction ✯ Alkbottle ✯ Blind Petition ✯ Electric Sweat & Rob Holliday (The Prodigy/Marilyn Manson/Sulpher) ✯ Scott Foster Harris (League of Gentlemen/L.A.Guns) ✯ V8 Wankers ✯ Zardonic ✯ Black Mariah ✯ Rokko Ramirez ✯ The Upper-Class Bastards ✯ M4 ✯ Domino Blue ✯ Tom Blue & Drumatical Theatre ✯ Eva Lumbre feat. Oswald Navarro ✯ Virgin Helena

Bonus CD with the best 11 songs from the Wildstyle showprogramme
with e.g. Motörhead ✯ Firehouse ✯ Quiet Riot ✯ DER W - Stirb in Schönheit Remix ✯ incl. EXCLUSIVE "Touch Too Much" Coverversion by DORO ✯ EXCLUSIVE "WildSide" Coverversion by STILETTO and inclusive "Wildstyle-Remixes" arranged by Tom Blue!!

Starting approx. at 10:30 pm at the Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe
in Vienna, @ Gasometer


Live show with e.g. DORO PESCH (singing some of her greatest hits of Warlock and Doro!!!), Black Mariah, The Zombie Boy, The Mexican Vampire Woman, Roman Gregory of Alkbottle, Blind Petition, Charlotte S. of The Upper-Class Bastards, Electric Sweat and Rokko Ramirez!


THE name for a unique idea, not only in Europe but probably worldwide with more than 1.5 million visitors. Europe’s most successful tattoo project is about to release the 1st “Wildstyle & Tattoo Music” Album with 33 (!) songs.

The Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe offers everything a wild heart longs for, not only tattoos and piercings.

How else could it be that Wildstyle creator & producer Jochen Auer has now produced an album of which 22 tracks have the same title “Wildstyle”.

Quote Jochen Auer:

"In order to create something new you have got to change the old pattern! I just turned the tables and instead of the same band name and different song titles, I changed it to different band names but the same song title. I have to admit - a crazy idea that doesn’t conform to the norm – but oh well: WILDSTYLE!"

Jochen Auer has been a music freak as long as he can remember.
“I have no idea how music is made, how songs are created. I always ask myself how incredible songs and melodies of my heroes (no names, the list would be too long!) were made. I will never understand it but I do see my ideas and show concepts long time before they actually come to life for the first time on a sheet of paper. I have a pretty good idea of that will happen for the first time in a few months at some location. This is how it was in 1995 when I wrote the concept of the Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe. THERE IS ONE THING THAT IS ALWAYS WITH ME WHENEVER I AM AWAKE AND NO MATTER WHAT I DO – ALWAYS THERE – THE MUSIC – heavy music – very heavy music!! Intensive and loud!”

Jochen Auer has realized one of his big dreams with this project. Some of his heroes, big names and many good friends have worked on this great and also unique project with sensational Wildstyle songs.

FIGHT FOR CREATIVITY – FIGHT FOR ROCK….and ROCK HARD! Jochen Auer’s life motto – forever – tattooed on the back of his hands!


merges different cultures and artists, tattoo artists and exhibitors from 4 continents and over 20 countries in an incredible way! For now 19 years the name “Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe” stands for “International Festival of Tolerance”!

Tattoos, piercing, extravagant fashion, biker wear, club wear, shoes, jewelry, accessories, lingerie, Indian style, custom bikes & accessories, airbrush, tattoo model and live shootings & castings and a spectacular and also unique nonstop show programme – performed by the Circus of Rock and The Modern Primitives Freak show with artists, stunts and attractions fascinates the audience every time!

In 1995 Jochen Auer (creator and producer of Wildstyle) wrote what was probably one of the craziest show concepts of that time and was able to get 1.5 million visitors since then. The revolutionary concept and the long tours through Europe helped changing history and the acceptance of tattoos and piercings and made both trends more accessible to a broader public.

However, tattoos and piercings and the “wild” lifestyle still polarize, the reason why Jochen Auer and his team still organize the “Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe” in its 19th year.

Having tattoos means much more than wearing colourful pictures on your skin, it has become way more than a trend and no part of society can get away from it. Actually one can say that having tattoos is a way of life, which goes through all ages, irrespective of conservative values.

According to the latest studies every 3rd German and every 5th Austrian is tattooed. And the numbers are rising – THIS IS GREAT!



An incredible collection of bands, stars and cult figures of the international music scene have worked on this exciting project. Fascinating and great songs of different styles are the result.