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The beginnings of Grave Digger date back to 1980. After various appearances at small festivals, the Band recorded a song for the compilation album “Rock from Hell” in 1983. A year later, Grave Digger released their debut album “Heavy Metal Breakdown”.

They released their second album “Witch Hunter” in 1985. This album hardly had anything in common with the earlier music of Grave Digger. The album flopped, as it was not readily accepted by fans nor the mainstream. As a result, Chris Boltendahl declared the breakup of the band at the end of 1987

However, the band partially reformed in 1991. In the same year, the album “Best of the Eighties” was released and comprised a quasi-Best-of-Album of their earlier songs.

The album “Symphony of Death” followed in 1994. In the meantime, Grave Digger toured Germany, playing as the supporting act for Manowar. In 1995, the album “Heart of Darkness” was released.

In 1996 the concept album “Tunes of War”, was released. The second album was “Knights of the Cross and the third and final part of the trilogy, “Excalibur” was completed in 1999.

Their first live album, “Tunes of Wacken”, was released in 2002. It was coupled with the release of their first DVD, “Wacken Open Air”. About a year later, the next concept album followed by the name of “Rheingold”.

“Ballads of a Hangman” was released in the summer of 2009 and took the charts by storm. Grave Digger entered Principal Studio in Senden to record “The Clans Will Rise Again” for their 30-year-anniversary.

To mark their 30th anniversary, Grave Digger invited many guests onto their stage at the Wacken Open Air 2010 to join in the celebration. "Clash of the Gods", the latest Grave Digger album is an unbelievable compact and energy driven opus and will grant GRAVE DIGGER themselves a warm welcome into the pantheon of the gods!

Grave Digger

Grave Digger


Gravedigger - Wildstyle

I'm back on track
I never look back
Two wheels will guide me
Straight to heaven

The road be my grave
At the end of all days
My death tone sounds
In a metal way

Harder and faster
Hear my laughter
By moonlight i ride
With god by my side

I'm a tattooed rider
Straight out of hell
I'm a law breaker
Thunder yells
I'm a risk taker
A trouble maker
Die for the vile
Wild is my style

Live for the moment
I live my dreams
I never surrender
In moments of pain

Life gives me brighter days
Open your eyes
When heart and soul unite
See the light in the sky