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Electric Willy (guitar/vocals), Gabba Gabba Gitti (drums) and Dan The Can (bass/vocals) are well known in the local rock scene. Since 2010 the power rock trio from Bad Ischl in Austria has made sure that the electric sweat keeps running. From their musical quality to their rock ‘n’ roll attitude they are like 70s rock and sound like Sweden rock! GO ELECTRIC!

Electric Sweat is supported by none other than Rob Holliday, guitarist of The Prodigy and Marilyn Manson – who has contributed a killer guitar solo to the Wildstyle song.

Rob Holliday is first and foremost known for being the guitarist of The Prodigy and the bass player of Marilyn Manson. During the last years Rob has proven his bad boy charm on stage with a couple of acts like CURVE and electro legend GARY NUMAN. This made him a popular live musician but one should not forget his solo project SULPHER.

Electric Sweat

Electric Sweat


Electric Sweat & Rob Holliday - Wildstyle

I got a v8 motor tattoed on my back
I'm cruisin' through the city with my lads.
I got a reputation below the belt
And every girl in my arms begins to melt.

I'm the leader of a rock n' roll band,
We play the rock stuff as hard as we can.
Drinking whiskey, driving muscle cars,
Spending all my cash in nudy bars.

Move your ass and live with me this lifestyle,
Join with me this bad boy company.
Move yourass and live with me this lifestyle,
Hey baby, Wildstyle!

I'm on the dirty road with burning wheels,
the devil by my side is shifting gears.
This highspeed makes me smile
I'm on my way with Wildstyle!